Trading Psychology Books That Work


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June &Van Tharp 'Financial Freedom Through Electronic Trading'.
Douglas 'The Disciplined Trader'.
Can anyone recommend others (or tapes etc.)


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Some others that I have found useful:

1. "The way to trade" by John Piper
2. "Trading in the zone" by Mark Douglas
3. "Reminiscences of a stock operator" by Edwin LeFevre
4. "The new market wizards" by Jack Schwager


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i'd second "trading in the zone" by Mark Douglas. First few chapters are the most useful, after that he shifts into warp drive and my simple mind struggled to keep up.


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Patels 'Mind of a trader' is ok.
Van Tharps other book has a few chapters on psychology too.

His home study course is priced in dollars and
given the exchange rate at the moment might be worth
trying if you can still afford it.

Dow Dog

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i'd second "trading in the zone" by Mark Douglas. First few chapters are the most useful, after that he shifts into warp drive and my simple mind struggled to keep up.

I bought this book and I thought it was a very difficult read which was borne out by the fact that I nowhere near finished it. If you like an easy read, do not buy this one.


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although it can be recommended to anyone that can relate to kids being bitten by dogs! If you've read it, you'll know what I mean......


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Trading in the Zone.

If you find the non trading stuff hard to read you can just
skip those bits.

There is plenty of advice related directly to trading.


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"Trading in the Zone" by Douglas is a great read.

Contrary to what others have said I found all of it especially the last sections very clear. If you compare it to his first book, 'The Disciplined Trader', which I found slightly abstract, this one has been very clearly thought out.

To me the last book lacked structure. I felt the author tried to be a little too deep when it was unnecessary.

"Trading in the Zone" contains all the points from the first book but with far more clarity.

Good luck.


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Trading in the Zone and Disciplined Trader seem to go to similar places. The material is useful but Mark is a terrible writer and incredibly tedious to read. The interview about TDT on TASC is actually much more readible and contains most of the material in his books except the prescription for trading through your problems.

See Stocks & Commodities V15:1 (35-40): Mark Douglas and The Disciplined Trader by Thom Hartle at their downloadable pdf bookstore.

Brett Steenbargers book on trading psychology is an interesting read and well orientated to very short term traders. A good complement to Marks book as the prescriptions have a bit more clinical psych to them.


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"The Way of the Warrior Trader" by Richard McCall. I found his A.C.T.I.O.N plan good when I was suffering from analysis paralysis!

Accept .... all possible losses before entering the battle.
Centre .... yourself in body, mind and spirit.
Trust ....... your warrior skills and instincts.
Imagine ....success clearly in your minds eye.
Only ..........exist in the present moment to control fear.
Never .......stop or look back once action has begun.

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