Books For Sale


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I have the following books for sale:

Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator - Edwin Lefevre
The Art of Low Risk Investing - Michael Zachochak
The Disciplined Trader - Mark Douglas
Trading In The Zone - Mark Douglas
The General Semantics of Wall Street - John Magee
Commodity Trading Systems and Methods - Perry Kaufman
Beyond Technical Analysis - Tushar S Chande
Investing With The Trend - Gregory L Morris
Market Wizards - Jack Schwager
The New Market Wizards - Jack D Schwager
Hedge Fund Market Wizards - Jack D Schwager
The Complete Turtle Trader - Michael Covel
Trend Following - Michael Covel
Way Of The Turtle - Curtis Faith
Design Testing and Optimizations of Trading Systems - Robert Pardo
Trading Sardines - Linda Bradford Raschke
Trading Tools & Tactics - Greg Capra
Super Trader - Van K Tharp
Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom - Van K Tharp
Flash Crash - Liam Vaughan
The Man Who Solved The Market - Gregory Zuckerman

Can sell as a lot or individually.