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So you’ve probably read many blogs, forums, websites, books in which you are now in a sublime state of happiness in regards to trading the financial markets?
Perhaps you’re an optimistic individual and honestly believe you can double your money in the financial markets? Yes you probably could. Some traders enjoy muted levels of volatility and some just can’t get enough of high volatility environments. What does it matter? Whatever tickles your fancy, one thing is for certain – You will lose money trading the financial markets.
If you can’t handle that then please look away from trading now and find yourself another hobby.
Of course the area of trading is subjective but no doubt trading will give you a losing trade, perhaps even 15 losing trades in a row, a big loss, wipeout your account or could even make you bankrupt. Not liking the cynical angle of this article? Well at least it offers some sense of pragmatism.
You could have one losing trade and blow your account in one hit –...
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Starts out well but then dives into the Eurononsensesphere. Amateurs scaling into trades whilst pros scale out, great stuff but finish the article next time please.


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The Article discusses much but Ideally needs more depth

"Experience is now under your belt and your account balance is rising nicely. If you get that untouchable feeling then no doubt your discipline, trading system or rules are about to be broken. The 2% per trade is now about to become 5 or 10% per trade? The professionals in time REDUCE the allocation for each trade but the novice is now feeling like a pro that should increase the percentage allocation for each trade. Your loss or disaster will likely be around the corner".

Yep - the first part of the statement is part of the Newbie learning curve....but are you sure of the second statement here.....why would a winning pro reduce their stake.......scaling out is not reducing your (initital) stake..... its just a more sophisticated Exit Strategy....


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