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Despite the lurch down after the fed, I'm not that bearish yet. I don't see that we've reached the shit or bust conditions that will make for a grown-up trend reversal and reckon that we're broadly sideways as we ricochet from positive sentiment to crap stats and back again.

Dax leading so using that as my primary indicator - huge wodge of support between 500 and 600 ish....
I know, I know. Postie's been berating me too:) I'll probably get rid if the EU numbers in a min don't halt the slide.....
Little joy from the EU...and stopped out 4900 -25. This should be the trigger for an immediate 50 point rally:p
Well, that's possibly the worst call I've made for a very long time:whistle:
...but what's a mere 250 points out on the Dax between friends - got down to 12250c. At least my Cac was marginally less crap....and no bounce. Specially for DF " Le rebond du chat mort"... but I was ever a purist and actually, our furry froggy friends tend to just say "Le dead cat bounce"....



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Bonjour, votre Altesse!

Not doing anything atm but am eyeing EG for next week. Thinking that if we get down through the next layer at .9025 that .90 might follow sooner and open up that favourite .8950 area, yet again. Wotcha fink? Any chance of a BEB chart??😚
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