Trading from the Far East


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Can anyone help with the following issue?

I would very much like in time to be able to trade American stocks from Thailand, where I make a number of visits every year to visit ex-pat friends. Ultimately I want to live there for part of the year.

Has anyone any experience of trading from Thailand? Does broadband exist? Is the INTERNET sufficiently advanced out there to allow this? The only drawback of course is that I would be trading through the night as America is about twelve hours behind Thai time! This means trading between two and nine in the morning!!!!

they have cable blah but in certain regions yuo gotta be aware of the crappy electric supply

it's not just power cuts, but worse, yuo can have power surges that can make toast of yuor equipment so make sure yuo have one of those protector thingys

and the same applies to the chicks that hang in the bars and clubs!
Hi Sean,

There's a guy who posts on my ESTX board who lives in Thailand, he might be able to help you. Screen name is Seadog.

Helenqu and Car Key Boi,

Thank you for that; most useful. I'll send him an e mail, Helenqu.

Car Key Boi, Thank you. I will search for one of those "protector thingys" when I'm in London next.

"Excuse me, may I have a 'protector thingy' to protect me from a sudden electrical surge destined to transform my hard disk into a piece of overdone toast?" should raise an eyebrow or two in the Tottenham Court Rd, if not a modicum of respect for my grasp of advanced technical matters and up to date terminology! You and I know what we mean and that's what matters.

As for the other type, I use them but they don't protect me from the occasional surge!