Trading account hackers


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Interesting - There is probably a lot of more intelligent hackers who would/have not been caught so easily for these crimes.


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It is worth installing a firewall and also get some software to detect and remove spyware. I recently got suspicious that someone was trying to hack my passwords because I had to type every password in twice before I got access - If you can't ever get your password right on the first attempt there is a chance that it is being hacked. ad-aware by lavasoft is pretty good as removing these.

I run a firewall - Virus checker - and ad-aware to protect my computer.
I believe ad-aware has not been updated in quite a while. Another that does the job is spybot. Also take a look at hijackthis which is programming that finds spyware that is in the Registry and has a bulletin board with pro's that advise which entries to delete.


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I wonder if any of these hackers could come up with decent trading software. after all they must be pretty intelligent guys in the first place. Most, or so I'm led to believe hack to show up flaws in systems. (Hang your head in shame Mr Gates,) and to generally stick a finger up at the establishment. Well what better way than to write a program that slaughters the markets and makes the boys some decent money in the process. :idea:

Just a thought.


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There are 2 aspects to this problem

1User carelessness
2User carelessness

It is only as a result of users responding to requests in relation to programs that they have no knowledge of


Users not having a fiewall with up to data definitions

that this type of problem can arise.

People on dial up access or people on broadband with a dynamic IP address are much less vulnerabnle to trojan horse attack as hackers can't "see" them very readily. Dynamic addresses change with every connection.

People with a fixed IP address with an always on connection are at much greater risk BUT only if they do not have a suitably regularly updated firewall and are foolish enough to respond to unsolicited requests from individuals or organisations unknown to them
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Ad-aware is regularly updated now. There was a spell when they were awaiting release of a newer version that they neglected updates. You should have maybe 3 different detectors and run them in different order so what one misses the others catch. :cool:


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Here is what happened to me last week on this forum - password stealing trojan:
My virus protection software protected me, but still. Plus I trade from separate PC - not the one I use for internet - from for those very reasons, but I think those 2 are in some way (locally) connected - I dont know about it much, but still. I had the Ad-aware + virus protection, but now Paul recommended in this thread the Zone Alarm, and I instaleed that one as well. This soft controlls any programm that tries to use connection and has some more futures...
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