hacked trading accounts


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A friend of mine recently has his trading account hacked and had $10,000 removed from his account.

We have managed to track the culprit down to Sydney Technology university, but they are not prepared to hrlp find out who did it. The Sydney police also arent interested.

He is in US, anyone got any idea what he can do? the university is effectively harbouring hackers.




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I have never heard of them I'm afraid but maybe their security is not up to scratch. However this is a concern and I just wonder whether the likes of IB and other leading brokers have security systems that would prevent this happening.

Somehow though, I think a determined hacker could probably break the Bank of England.


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This person had obviously done it before or planned it well, either way, they left a lot of information to track them. eg. they use an egold account to get the money out - and accessed the site from Sydney university.

Often hackers gain access by tricking users out of their passwords with application, bogus website etc..

The person in question used his password and id to register for another website, which is how they gained access. I guess if you have lots of accounts and use the same passwords on all of them, you are leaving yourself open for attack.


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Report the company who the account was with to their Financial Regulator. The authorities will then suddenly get involved...



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Im sure i speak for every1 when i wish u best of luck in getting ur money back


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I will have a look, the person who has lost the money seems to have almost given up. But even if he doesnt get his money back the person responsible needs to be caught to set an example to others.
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