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I just recieved my free magazine from
.there's a cool advertisment on page 21...........
...yep its ...trade2win..t2w...well done guys stuff
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Lucky you, I'm still waiting for mine!

If you've seen the advert and arrived on the site for the first time, let me be the first to wish you a warm welcome.


ps. There's an opportunity for everyone to receive 2 free issues to the magazine courtesy of T2W, I'll be sending out the details at the weekend.
Hi Paul,

That sounds good Paul. One thing, though, I just visited trders-mag using the link supplied by bally35 and the whole site is in German. It might be a good idea to check that the free mags are English editions !!

Auf Wiedersehen.
Got mine too,

Paul send me the details again if you want me to mail the TD people.
dunno about the others, but I relied on wit and a certain innate charm....
(who threw that?)
Lawman, all registered members of T2W will be offered 2 free copies of the magazine. I hope to send out the details tomorrow evening.

FTSE Beater,
why - you're a natural surely? <g>
There was a copy organised for everyone at the trading day (so you qualify on that score as well) - the date for the meeting was a bit too close to the printing date so Helen said they'd follow up when available... I think Sharky was involved by that stage, and it looks like he's a nice chap and got the free issue upped to a free pair - it's out every 2nd month. (3 cheers for Sharky for that, by the way).
The real let down on the gizzits front was I tried to blag Harrods' carrier bags to put the demos etc in and they turned me down flat. (I even bought a hamper off them as a sweetener, the rats!)
Thanks for the replies!

Just registered for the two free copies! Looking forward to it...

Dave, glad to know charm can still get you somewhere in this world. I'm gonna have to haul out those textbooks again!
OK. Call me thick, but how do I register for the free copies of Traders Mag ?

I got Paul's message , but I think maybe my email program garbled it and I can't work out what I need to do next.

Someone help me please !!!

I havent received a message!

But would very much like the two free issues.

Just how do you apply for them?

Thanks, Neil - that's the link you need to go to. Just make sure you're logged in before you submit the form! Everyone should have received an email - as long as your using a modern email program you should have received a full colourful html email, that linked through to this page.

JonnyT - are you sure the email address you registered with the site, is still active and checked? I realise quite a few people use free email accounts to register, but not necessarily check them on a regular basis.