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I read an article in Traders Magazine ( about a man that devised a system based on The CBOT Market Profile and Welles Wilder's Directional Movement Indicator, which he uses to trade the DAX.

This is a 346 Page document so it takes a while. It is a Floor Trader's Six Part Study Guide written by Peter Steidlmayer and it's FREE to download.

The link for CBOT's Market Profile can be found at,

Also at the top of this page are a number of other links that maybe interesting, I hope that you are all using some kind of charting package.

As for information on The ADX indicator then you should do a Google search, for Direction Movement, or goto

Have fun, Artful
Thanks for posting this Artful - very useful. Market profile is something which I believe has never been discussed on T2W, well certainly not to my knowledge! The people who use it (not me), seem to swear by it.
its powerful stuff, if you find a package that supports it.

if not then you need a dde link, some VB, a spreadsheet and a very long weekend.

You obviously have better eyes than me. I can't see any reference to Market Profile - which page is it on?

Personally, I've always found Market Profile as useful as Pivot Points - read that as you wish.

Without wishing to advertise for them (cause they're in my bad books at the moment :mad: ) eSignal have a market profile calculator for their charts at $7 per month.


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