Traders from Australia?


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I'm in the Cairns area. Beginner. Haven't traded yet. Trying to get some money together and am interested in eminis, something where I don't have to think too hard. Just want to be careful so I don't fork out thousands in a 'course' unnecessarily.

Joules MM1

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Hey Guys,

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Bye for now.

did you misread the title? been watching too many chuck norris movies?


maybe you could try the thread "anyone from the Isle of Mann"


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Fellow Aussie Trading US

Hi, i'm a private trader based out out Australia and have been trading for over 5 years. I came across this website out of chance, so i thought I would sign up and see if I could meet some fellow traders to share the journey with, i'm starting to get board in the home office, and I would enjoy helping new traders, as well as meeting other prop traders already doing what I am doing.

I have not really had the time to make contact with real traders in other parts of the globe. Fancy a talk or want to talk about the market etc..?

somebody say hi!


Am always interested in opinions and experiences of others - especially like minded people.
I'm in Sydney currently trading Options.
Always open for a chat - [email protected]


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fat profits from forex


Am always interested in opinions and experiences of others - especially like minded people.
I'm in Sydney currently trading Options.
Always open for a chat - [email protected]
I am from the UK, lived in Australia for 3 years would love to chat contact me via Skype IM contact name jenariofx



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any mentors for the ASX market?

I have been trading the ASX market for about nine months and am a discretionary trader, based entirely on technical analysis. I have had a pretty good run to date with my P/L ratio all better than average, and a respectable APPT too. I have sound money management strategy in place with a portfolio risk of max 1% per trade and religiously use stops. I use shorts and longs.

However, I find myself doing what all books say about beginner traders, exiting trades too early. I guess it is part of trading but it is difficult when faced with a decision on the right side of the chart.

I guess I am nervous as I started trading during a very volatile market and have seen how easy it is to be down very quickly irrespective of stops.

I would like to become a proprietary trader once I have proven to myself that I am capable, not sure when that will be but my track record should back that up.

I was wondering if there are any senior traders out there who trade the ASX market who would be interested in being a mentor and someone to discuss the market conditions and so forth.




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Hi i am in torquay trade options futures and fx on and off for 10 years

Hi Jasper,
Z Options/ Futures, Based in Grovedale Victoria, feel free to chime in, that also goes for any others that feel the urge.

Best Regards

John1 :D:D:D:D


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Hi - I am living in Puckapunyal (if your from Oz you will probably guess my job) and have been here (from UK) for 2 years. I SB'd in the UK and ended up losing most of my money in the account because I was gambling. I want to learn to trade properly to release me from the shackles of my "career" rather than wanting to get rich!

I like Australia though miss bits of the UK.

I have signed up with CMC markets here but not trading till I know what I am about and what the markets are about! looking to trade one FX pair and one index.


Swissy (yes - I am half swiss too)

Hi Swissy,
My youngest son is in the Big Blue 1, currently O/S. I've done a bit of work at Pucka over the years - extended the Q store, erected the garage amongst other things. If you're still about chime in

Best Regards



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Any Skype forex - chat rooms around?

anyone from Melbourne? add me on msn : [email protected]

Hi yep I am from Melbourne. Just started to trade again. Starting in Forex. Although I spend most of my time overseas in Europe.

Any Forex traders, out there with a group in skype?
I am following the methods of Nial Fuller. Would be nice to have the same type of traders in a chat room. That works very well. Different methods trading rooms are ok but arent really much use.


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Haven't visited trade2win for awhile now. Was searching for information about traders in Australia. Hopefully if my visa gets approved, I will be traveling to Sydney next month. Since there aren't any live forex trading workshops in the Philippines, I was thinking of attending one (if there is any by the time I'm there) in Sydney.

Does anyone know if there is such an event coming up?


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I trade Day Trade Australian stocks (ASX). Currently in Melbourne and would like to chat with fellow ASX traders.

Skype: jaygualtieri


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G'day folks,

From the Gold Coast and have traded ASX stocks for the past few years. Actually over 10 years off + on so have taken a hit or two along the way.

Pleased to meet you all, and maybe catch up some time.



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I'm into my second year of trading the US options markets, I found it good to start my trading career with the amount of education and easy access to information. I'm currently researching the Asia Pac region to continue my trading in options. I’m interested if anybody has experience trading options in these markets that they would be happy to share. I have been looking at IB and the markets that are accessible to trade.

Any information on any of the following would be greatly appreciated.

• Brokers that have access to Asia Pac region
• Advisories/ Newsletters focusing on Options or short term trading (Long Theta)
• Calculating margin requirements for the different products and exchanges


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