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If anyone is thinking of investing with a broker, please read the following first as it could save you your life savings.
I need to make you aware of a few individual names and Company names as these have scammed me and others out of hundreds of thousands of pounds combined.

It seems that the main recruiter is a man called John Richardson. The account managers that I have dealt with in this larger “team” are called Tom Peters, Oscar Lassiter and Scott. The Company names that I know of are FTL (Full Time Living), Bronze Fx and Omega Fx however I am sure there have been many more and they are all run by the same people.

John Richardson was someone I knew, who at the time seemed genuine and told me he has been trading for over 25 years. He then told me he has created a company called FTL where I could invest with him as he had developed an automated trading system that had between an 87-94% success rate and only 10% of our account balance would ever be at risk.

I knew other people that had invested and were in fact making good returns from their investment.

The next part is beyond belief…

The problems came after I had been with them for a while and people started having their accounts wiped out from over 100k. They would then contact these people and say they need to put thousands more into their accounts in order to save them else they would lose everything. They were encouraging people to take bank loans, cash in their pensions and even re-mortgage their homes, and when this wasn’t done they were called stupid for not doing it.
During this time Bronze Fx closed FTL as they were the Broker and I then found out FTL was just a brand name that John Richardson created within Bronze Fx. We all had an email to say our accounts would be transferred back to Bronze Fx.
After hearing all this I tried withdrawing some money and they said they were going through an audit and no withdrawals could be made until it was finished, yet they were still encouraging people to add to their funds and accepting payments during this audit.

This was quite recent as it was the start of Covid-19 and they told everyone that any account under 100k would be closed due to volatility and we needed to pay 12% of our account balance to receive what money is already rightfully ours, and this needed to be money upfront and could not be taken from our accounts. If this was not done within a set time then our accounts would be frozen for 180 days at least and we would have no access to any funds during this time.
If this wasn’t bad enough they then said payments need to be made with Bitcoin through “Coinipop”. My belief is that they know people are starting to get worried and contacting their banks so they do not want to deal with them, though that is just my opinion.

If you thought that was bad, read this last twist....

Then we were told that while our accounts were frozen for at least 180 days, they would be taking maintenance fees of between 12% and 25% EACH MONTH from our accounts.

In summary, please do not get involved or invest money with the following individuals - John Richardson, Tom Peters, Oscar Lassiter and Scott, if indeed these are their real names.
Also DO NOT invest with FTL, Bronze Fx and Omega Fx. There will be more out there so just be careful people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


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As I've posted elsewhere on these firms, I don’t know them but Googling tells me that Bronze FX is based in St Vincent & The Grenadines and Omega FX in Bulgaria. Those facts alone inspire suspicion.


As I've posted elsewhere on these firms, I don’t know them but Googling tells me that Bronze FX is based in St Vincent & The Grenadines and Omega FX in Bulgaria. Those facts alone inspire suspicion.
Yes although when most of us joined it was just FTL we knew about. It was not until it was too late that we discovered other companies involved.
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