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Have you gone out of your way NOT to take care of your Trading results? Why would some traders deliberately hamper their success ? make trading decisions that are doomed to fail?
A video tutorial with chart examples of real trades is illustrated in this tutorial, where traders sabotage their success;
Self Sabotage behaviour is when there is no logical or rational explanation of your action. It is making the same mistake over and over gain. Self sabotage is not following your rules, or in many cases not having a trading plan.
How do you break free from self-sabotage behavior?Just think where you could take yourself if you were able to manifest your goals, you are able to take care of your trading results.

Recognise Symptoms
Decide and Take Action
Your Commitment

Take care of your trading – Stop sabotaging your success!
Best wishes in making your dreams come through. God...
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Mr Bindl has a slightly slappable mixture of mumsy, Svengali and Paul Mckenna. Although his sincerity is genuine. there is not enough punch or substance in this presentation to make a difference to the self-sabotaging trader.

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