Trader Monthly - TT against the world


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this is a scan of an article that appeared in the May 05 issue of Trader Monthly.

Obviously things have moved on a little with TT's patent since this went to print as most of the industry seems to have accepted TT's claim and settled any outstanding lawsuit.

Regrettably Refco as the only serious heavyweight contender against TT never got to fight their corner so the legal case as to the legitimacy of TT's claim has never been hammered out conclusively.

The article makes a fair assessment of the situation and its still quite good reading however, hence this post.



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Looking for an article

Hi - I am writing an article and would like to obtain a digitized copy of the Trader Monthly article, "My Best Trade" by James Cordier in the April/May 2005 issue. Might you still have this issue? Thank you!