Trader Dante new course


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Sep 28, 2005
Yes, I am dyslexic.
Yes, it does take me about four times longer to write posts, re-write, edit and spell check, again and again.
Yes I did go to one of the worst schools in London.
Yes I do know the difference between "quiet" and "quite".

And no, unlike you klw, I had no intention of insulting your intelligence.

You Sir, are a Gent.

Whether you intended or not to insult me , you did. It was clearly obvious it was an attempt at a parody so all in all a very strange thing for you to point out to me.

Re. Dyslexia, you have my total sympathy, having been married to a lady who was badly dyslexic and all the associated garbage that goes along with it, I have a better idea than most of what you have been through in life. Good fortune to you sir.

No I am not a gent.
@NVP Coach,teach , yes there are differences but it all amounts to the same thing,they will trade using the information being coached or taught to them.
@metrader . Him teach me !!!! That's a good one . I am not unhappy, just wanted to put some perspective on things.