Tradeguider for Sale


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I am willing to sell my

Tradeguider Professional Chart Reading Boot Camp (2 CDs) and

Tradeguider "The 2008 VSA Symposium" (1 DVD)

all in best condition and original. (Are no longer sold from tradeguider, can only be viewed online - as far as I see.)

Make an offer and PM me. Thanks.


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TG RT 4.0 - Tradeguider for Sale BEST PRICE

Hello everyone,

If someone is interested in TradeGuider RT 4.0 for really cheap price, PM me.
3-4 x cheaper than original ( 4 999 usd - original )


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No it doesn't. Neither does Tradestation, Ninja trader, Esignal .. etc. They are all just tools aren't they? They are all useless unless you have learnt how to trade successfully and how to manage your money.

For me it has been a great tool for understanding volume, to see what the market makers are doing. I have had this software for 6 years and can recommend it for learning VSA. You can scan an index of stocks for VSA indicators, or scan for strength and weakness against the parent index. It has a back-testing function and some special indicators such as a trend cluster indicator, a stop management tool and a volume thermometer. One of my favourite features is the auto trendline tool.