TRA Transeda


Does anyone have a view on why TRA crashed 30% yesterday? I know it's a volatile stock and on a downward trend but seems severe given yesterday's little rally. Perhaps someone has seen news from Japan that might explain it?


Errr ... it was only 1p before the 'crash' to 0.63p yesterday. It had a solid support at 1.25p from September 2002, yet this was broken on 24 March, so once support has gone there's nothing to hold it back from the cliff edge.

Yesterday's volume was 64.1m according to ShareScope, representing around £640,000 - so perhaps it was someone crystallising their losses before the end of the tax year.

Hope you didn't lose too much.
noticed the volume spike just after I posted the thread! I sold these in early Dec last year after a nice run from Nov so didn't lose anything - just interested about the big move without any news...
Udo Muerle (spelling?), recently appointed as CEO resigned last week I believe. Maybe there more to this than meets the eye.