Total assets -600USD on Phemex overnight but no trades placed!!!!!!!!!


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Hi guys,

Any help much appreciated with this.

I figured I could trust this lot, but I've been keeping track of my asset balance over the past 12 hours and I'm seeing that they've eaten into me to the tune of 600USD on a 15k USD balance - a 4pc move!!!!!! WTF

I have no idea what's driving this move other than theft! Lol

Think the plan going forwards has to be to only transfer in on a trade by trade basis and then move the balance off the Phemex the second I have no trade!

Keen to hear other people's experiences.

Thanks in advance guys!
No idea, but you can't expect people to help you without giving more information, such as whether you have been able to contact their customer services, what their response was, etc. etc.

I have noted that they are not regulated in any country, so I would recommend you only keep the minimum amount on deposit (which appears to be your plan going forward).
They take fees of up to 5% on crytos plus other (entry/exit) fees.
Nobody can understand what you want if you don't write a word about your trading activities and investments there.