TOS still owes me $600 anyone else?


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I originally made a thread here which was gaining momentum but TOS blocked it:
Image of moderator block message:

The original post summery with update on call volume:

At the market open Monday Feb 1st I was trading ASM like I'm sure many of you guys were as well.. Unfortunately I was not able to control my trade..

I have a video that is timestamped to show what happens:

In a nutshell...

I placed limit orders to buy, price goes under limit orders but I don't fill. Then I know TOS is having problems so I try to close but nothing happens. Thinking I may have gotten filled but TOS is not showing that I try and make a sell order to get out (of trade I don't know I am long). Then when price is much lower I am randomly filled at higher prices. After all this chaos I eventually try and close the order and AGAIN the price moves above my sell order but I can not get out. I close all orders and a few moments later I get a filled sell order that comes through.

I've called TD Ameritrade 5x now totaling ~10 hours of call time.

Thought I'd share it hear to document it and also hear if there was any success you guys may have had with getting a trade like this reversed.

Prost guys!
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