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Looks like its on the up. I will be watching to see if it can clear £2.00
2nd volume spike this week. Today saw 2 X 500,000 buys.
Long awaited shipping of SUV's to US could be about to happen?

Any views on the charts?

it looks like the resistance is too much for the time being- a tweezer top/harami candle pattern has formed.
Hi Ian / Darth
I can see the obvious resistance at the gap down. Does this sort of cancel out the resistance further back at the 260p ish level?



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if I understand you correctly, I would say that the gap down at 260p reinforces the historic resistance at the same level.
Here's your answer- up 17% today.

Torotrak is pleased to announce that delivery of its Series 3 Infinitely
Variable Transmission ("IVT") to US-based licensees has commenced today with
the shipment of the first vehicle to GM.

The prototype IVTs have been installed in the GM Silverado and Ford Expedition
vehicles by Torotrak engineers. Following initial trials and familiarization
by GM and Ford engineering teams in the US the vehicles will be demonstrated
to senior executives as part of their respective technology assessment

This is a major milestone at the end of an extended period of intense
development of the IVT-equipped vehicles which now demonstrate refined
drive-ability, performance and robustness alongside their inherent fuel
economy and emissions advantages.

Torotrak is confident that the way ahead is now clear for two further
licensees to go to the implementation readiness stage of product development
that will lead to IVT market launch.

Torotrak is developing the Series 3 IVT initially for the Light Truck market
in North America where over 7 million Sport Utility and Pickup vehicles are
sold annually.