Torotrak TRK

Interesting you've picked this for the comp Riz.
I've been waiting for another go and started watching more carefully with the rumours that are ciculating on other boards.
Copied this if it's of any interest :-

Torotrak : Quarterly progress update
26/02/2001 08:53:27

Quarterly review of progress:


BMW/Getrag: Getrag (licensee) and
Torotrak have developed prototype IVT
cars for BMW based on the '7' Series

Driveability and fuel economy results
were impressive and the development
gateway was passed.

Severe cold climate testing is
currently taking place in Finland and
Torotrak is at the final planning stage
with Getrag for the next level design
which will be based on latest Series 3
(S3) level technology. This is
scheduled to be delivered at the end of
this year.

Ford: The vehicle assessment programme
is continuing in the UK whilst they
calibrate the vehicles to the 'feel'
that the customer wants. Calibration is
the science of tuning all of the
vehicle systems to provide the desired
feel and response for the driver.

The testing so far by the Ford drivers
has confirmed excellent driveability in
the motorway cruise region, but further
refinements are required for the town
(heavy traffic) driving mode.

The fuel economy and emission figures
have surpassed the company's own
expectations for these vehicles.

The company expect Ford to sign-off the
vehicles in the UK during March.
Demonstrations to senior US based
management will then take place.

GM: The vehicles are being developed in
parallel with the Ford units. GM have
put their formal vehicle assessments
back for three months to the summer
because of internal delays not in any
way connected to Torotrak.

LG Cable: Launch of the IVT tractor
will occur in late 2002 to early 2003.

Tractor project: The company have now
entered the next stage of development
with the licensee, a major European
manufacturer. New transmission units
incorporating Koyo Seiko variator
components are under test and upon
successful conclusion of this work they
will be commencing a production design.

Toyota: The company continue to keep
Toyota informed of ongoing development
of the technology.

Product development:

S3: Vehicle based testing has been in
hand for some months and the envelope
of operation has been expanded steadily
as the company gain experience of 'real
world' driving conditions.

The continuous development process has
resulted in the need to improve the
design of a few of the transmission

The company are working right now on a
number of other minor development
issues such as:

* finalizing the calibration of the
mechanical pre-load on the variator at
start up.
* tuning the orifices in the hydraulic
circuit (grub screws with small
holes drilled in them).
* calibrating the software for slow
speed operation and vehicle launch.

The Series 4 transmission for front
wheel drive vehicles, which is at the
design stage, is being discussed with a
number of existing and potential
licensees. Specific application design
and development will be funded by one
or more customers.

ICV Edited News

07:27 Feb 26 2001

Hi Steve,

Yes it is worth watching (not just for the comp. for real trade as well)... share price increased by around 15% in 3 days than retraced by 9.5p in a day, profit taking due to negative market sentiment obviously...with positive news/rumours coming in and more expected, such as those you rightly posted, I expect another bounce after this where the bottom is formed however...

Definitely one to watch, has staggering potential if successful, one to tuck away, was 100p Christmas time, now 164p, not a TA stock, will zoom either way on product news. A gamble, but worth a bit of a risk, been in and out a couple of times, made a bit, don't hold at the moment.