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In order to be a successful trader ? and not fall into the trap of so many ? it is important to take good advice and remember that, sometimes, others do know best! Here are the Top 10 tips for successful trading. Follow them closely (or at least to an extent) and you should stand a good chance of becoming an accomplished spread bettor.

1.ALWAYS stay in control? Winners are always in control; both mentally and emotionally.? Losers aren?t. Losers are sometimes guided by emotions ? This will lead to you making bad decisions!? ?Plan the trade, trade the plan?. Always stick to the original plan. Deviations will invariably lead to an error.
2.Take responsibility for results? Winners are can sometimes lose! But most of the time they win and when they do lose they accept it, learn from it and move on? Losers tend not to fully accept that they are losers and tend to blame other factors for their own mistakes. At the end of the day, you know it?s down to you

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A brillient article by the well known auther.Well planned and is written on scientific rules. Thoroughly enjoyed the article and it ave me food for thought. Cann`t wait for Malcolm`s other two books.


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"stay away. There’s always another day."

excellent article, really made me look over my plan.


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So lame.....they always tell you to plan the trade. How do you plan a trade when the daily oscillation is around 100 to 200 pips, the dealers are stop hunting, and many other variables that you have no control over.


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Agreed about planning the strategy and working it... if you don't stick to what you wrote, how do you know if it worked or not when you evaluate it?


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Cheers for the content, I am finding this website pretty helpful overall. I would say that the information in that article is nothing new and can be found on almost any trading website but as a whole I really like this forum.

Thanks Trade2win!


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Very enlightening. Will make this one of my regular reads to remind me of what I should be always be doing and will always remember that final advice - 'There's always another day'


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Stands the test of time

Good article.......excellent advice given
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