To dump or not to dump


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Here is a summary of the performance of stocks I have. relative to what I purchased them for:


Most are negative because I have sold off the ones that have performed well. However, the querstion is this: For the ones that are losing (the ones shaded orange), should I dump them? I know that any given stock can perform quite differently than expected, but as a general rule, when things stocks are losing, what are the general chances of them rebounding? Is it generally worth waiting for that to happen, or is it generally better to dump them?


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Without knowing anything about the stocks behind these figures all one can do is a give a broad view:

IF these were UK stocks, then I'd point out that only 2 of them are performing below the market from pre-covid highs.

On that basis alone, I'd hold everything else.

but as a general rule, when things stocks are losing, what are the general chances of them rebounding?
There is no general rule. Stocks can and do rebound as well as plummet to zero.

But you need to take an individual view on each stock and it's prospects to make a proper assessment.



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MasterofCoin...that's a very astute view. Thank-you. I do realize my question was not entirely fair, as one has to look at the individual stocks, but I found your reply helpful!


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You could also look at each individual stock and consider whether you would buy them now (ie assuming you didn't have a holding) and this may well provide you with a 'sell' signal for some


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Itd have to be based on the individual stocks imo. I know there are quotes saying once a stock goes down its time to get rid but there could be a multitude of factors for that decline. If you have researched and then analysed the stock is no longer worth it then thats the time to dump
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