Article Who Trades or Invests In Penny Stocks?

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Dec 19, 2004
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) refers to a “penny stock” as a security issued by a small company that trades at less than $5 per share, and which is generally quoted over-the-counter, for instance on the OTC Bulletin Board or OTC Link (formerly known as the “pink sheets”). Penny stocks are highly speculative, and the odds of losing your entire investment in a penny stock are far greater than is hitting a home run and raking in huge profits. Still, millions of people still trade penny stocks on a daily basis. Here are 10 types of penny stock investors, whether they’re found on the long side, short side or both.
1) Experienced penny stock traders Many who thrive in the frenetic world of trading do so by carving out a niche in a specific sector or asset. Penny stocks are one such niche, although the number of traders who trade these stocks is a fraction of those who trade established securities and blue-chip stocks. Experienced penny stock traders aren’t deterred...
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Jul 23, 2017
We've just published a new T2W article called "Who Trades or Invests In Penny Stocks?" by Elvis Picardo.

Quick Summary: Elvis Picardo covers the categories of trader who are most likely to trade in "Penny" stocks.

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This article is missing the dark side, almost all "trading" educators and gurus that are trading for real (as opposite to the the other side trading on a simulators) are using low volume penny stocks to front run their subscribers...