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I am currently developing another system to trade forex by but had little success, so I was thinking of basing a system on time. Just time to make it simple, I was thinking of when countries have their rush hour when they go to sleep when they wake up. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that countries move currencies the most as they out number traders in size and in the amount of money they have.

So far I am testing out on buying the GBP/USD: long 7am short 11am close 3pm. So far they are no stoplosses or take profits.

I would apprecaite any help on developing a strategy based on time: what currency? what time?

The picture attached is not in daylight savings time.


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interesting ilia. but you really should test your strat in up and down markets.

eg long 7am and short 11am may be good in current conditions, but what if we were in an uptrend? would you then go short 7am, long 11am?

if you fancy doing something like this, then i suppose you could start looking into time cycles and market geometry. there are more than a few fans of it out there. i think a320 and sunseeker (Tom H) on this board are into it as regards trading the indices. not sure if it would transfer into forex, but you never know.

never looked into it in any great detail myself - the reward for the amount of effort required doesnt fit my personality, but then again, i am a lazy sod.



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A fascinating idea - chase the $ around the world around the clock. There seems to be only 1 hour in the 24 with noe equity market fwiw

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Thanks FC and Rognvald, I would like to investigate further into this so maybe I will try sending a320 a pm. The example that I suggested I found works best in a roughly flat market. Now I am trying to find other pairs. I would apprecaite any comments considering this

ilia king

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Would anyone know a website where I could get a bit of information about these different time zones in currency trading? As I am starting to get a bit confused
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