Time and Sales Window - Why does print throughs happen?


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I'm just wondering why does print throughs happen I've been gauging the time and sales for a while now and still can't figure it out.

I'm not talking about the ones where there's "late" print, I'm asking about the ones where the prices are actually real time and then there are print-throughs.

I tried to think that it was when the market maker wants to lift offers and hit bids "under the radar" so to speak.

For example if a stock is trading at 10.00 bid and 10.01 offer. I see a RED print through as the price instantly goes up to 10.02 but the red print throughs are 10.00's. According to my hypothesis this is the MM's not wanting to lower the price too fast so he drives the price up a bit in a quick fashion which cause algos to throw in more bids (in this case at 10.01 now, while he instantly hit the 10.01 AND the 10.00's because think about it now he can hit TWO price levels instead of just one and not really changing the price. So he got out double of his size for just a single level of spreads.

Is this plausible or does anyone else have other explanations?:idea:
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