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I've noticed the following which is contrary to popular/traditional theory and relates specifically to the dow.
Tick and Trin are derived from all the stocks in the NYSE and therefor may explain some of the oddities.
Theory has it that tick = 0 and trin = 0 is a balanced position.Tick +500 Trin -0.5 is a "long situation" and -500 +0.5 is a "short situation".
This isn't allways the case . I have found that it is far more important to establish where "todays range is at". Market sentiment etc. I'm sure affects the relative action on the DOW compared to the absolute values of Tick and Trin.
What I am saying is this.DON'T take the absolute value of tick and trin and act on it according to textbook theory.It doesnt work.Trin can be positive 0.3, and the DOW will go up and vice verca.What I do is to wait 30 /60 mins into trading and see what the trends and actual levels are for Tick and Trin and then use that as a basis for my descisions on what is likely to happen.Of course this is used in conjunction with pre-known support and resistance levels, along with the Fibonacci values.
I have to say that I have found Tick and Trin an essential part of my intraday DOW analysis. Also TA pivot points ( resistance, support, double tops/bottoms etc) can show up on Tick/Trin a few minutes before the DOW respopnds. IF you have faith in this, through your own evaluation /trials, it can make your exit /entry point far more profitable.
My favourite entry point on the dow is a double bottom at support,coupled with positive divergence on Velocity/ TCI / CCI. Rizz , I know, likes "flat bottoms" and positive divergence on RSI .
I for one, like the (almost) predictability of the intraday DOW and accordingly devote a lot of my time to it now.
One day I'm gonna be a millyonare..:(
Hehe...I really do want you to become a millionaire on trading Dow daily, ChartMan...as we often have similar positions that could make me at least half a millionaire, maybe Darth sensed this since he started to appear in the chartroom :)

I concur with your views on tick & trin interpretation, it's got to be interpreted dynamically not statically...say you see tick at +650 and trin at 0.6 you say good they both +ve it should be safe to go long on Dow could be a mistake as although they are both fairly +ve they could be at the top range of their intraday movements and pointing to a possible reversal...the same goes the other way round...

Interpreting their intraday movements and acting accordingly in conjunction with other favourite indicators and chart patterns of yours as well as the sentiment and momentum is more beneficial...

Also glad to hear that you're going to devote more time on dow daily, as I certainly feel more comfortable when we have similar views on the direction of Dow...

for those of us unfamiliar with this term culd you please give us a brief explanation of what this is?
having asked the question i have now found an explanation in a previous post.

next question....where can i get this information?
Hi, some useful posts there chaps.

Riz - I've actually been interested in trading the daily dow for quite a while now and see it as a logical progression in developing myu swing trading skills. I'm only just beginning to feel confident enough with my system and spread betting technique to do it in anger and can say that so far I am actually in profit.

Time permitting I hope to do it more regularly - at least one evening a week. Curiously I don't aspire to be a millioniare I just enjoy the game.

just checked the numbers and found I was confusing Daily Dow and Stock prices... things are not so bad as I thought!
To the top for futher contribution as trin is still one of the popular questions asked in the chatroom when intraday trading the Dow...

Today's trin movements were easier to follow and use to call the intraday trend...opened around 1.20, negative...then pulled down to stay positive for a moment (.98) back to 120 then 140-60 level where it consolidated, right before close a sharp upchannel from 1.40 to end the day at 1.92 (extreme -ve)...

Unfortunately I cant save quote.com charts to post here, therefore cant compare both dow and trin intraday charts, but if you have a look at both at the same time you'll see the clear connection, most obvious today, trin form an upchannel dow forms a downchannel and the other way round, trin upchannel gets sharper dow downchannel get sharper and so on...

Saving Charts using the Print Screen Function within Windows.

I read a Post from RIZ about posting charts from Quote.com.

Ok, this is what is in built to Windows.

Open Paint

Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

Then make active the screen / chart that you want to capture

Press Alt + Print Screen Button (Next to F12)

The go back to Paint and do a Ctrl + V (Paste), this can be done under Edit, or using the Right Mouse Button... Whatever

Now when you goto save the file MicroSoft will try to save it as a *.bmp (BitMap) File. This is a really large file.

So be nice to all of the poor people that are stuck on a 56K dial-up Modem connection.

Please save it as a *.jpg (jpeg) type file.

Great quality and a relatively small file size....

The alternative and the option that I use is HyperSnap-DX That is available from http://www.hyperionics.com

There is a share ware version that leaves a logo stamp of theirs on the captured image.

So if you like it just buy it....

I hope that this helps..... Cheers Artful

you can use a short cut.
Just make the screen you want to copy active by clicking on it.
Then ALT Printscreen.
Then go to Paint as you suggested.

Saves a bit of time:)