Tick and Trin


Having used the tick and trin for the Dow Jones 30, one problem I find is if they differ greatly as indicators.
For instance, I have watched Lycos, and for most of this morning, the Trin is showing circa 1.75 which is supposed to be mega bear.
On the other hand the tick has been showing anything from 200 + up to 1100 plus which is very bullish!
Bearing in mind we are talking here for trading s/b on a daily cash basis, which of these has more relevance than the other, or is one indicator telling me something I can't see?
Any comments welcome.
spot on trader333 ;-0
with TRIN its more the trending direction as its inverse to the market, i was taught TRIN limited use as breadth indicator cos its NOT leading the market
unfortunately it isn't as simple as TICK > 0 buy, TRIN > 1 sell.

whilst the trin has opened high today, its trend is downwards. when the trin hits 2.5 (as it did earlier) you could see that as an oversold indicator.

try www.21stcenturyfutures.com for a different take on tick and trin
A few points:

- Lycos data isn't worth looking at, it can do you more harm than good to base decision on, at times, heavily delayed data.
- Trin has been acting strangely the last 2 weeks due to technology stocks, making traditional gauges at bit meaningless.
- There are a number of different T/T's not just what you get on Lycos. I find it helps to be more specific.
Where is the best place to watch the trick & Trin and also to explain more about it as I am new and it seems unclear to me.
Tick is a very very short term indicator. We are talking about a minute at most...

Few points about TICK ...

1) Value is not important
2) the direction of TICK is the key
3) use Tick as OB/OS indicator at extremes value
4) Use Tick with NYSE stocks

If you want a far better indicator look no further than S&P500 Futures...

Hope this helps
Trader 333,is that changing symbol toCME:BGEN.
I can understand direction being the key,but though value was important, unless as has been said before value reaches highs of say 1100,in which case it could be ready for reversal.
From what I am reading it appears that it has less value as an indicator being used purely for Dow Ind.30.
Shall watch S&P 500 futures,looks interesting.
Have used Trin with some success, in the sense that if after say 30 minutes it is low around 0.60 for some time and varies little from that value, I will take that as being more important as an indicator for a long position possibly for most of the rest of the day.
Does that make sense or not?
Cheers Kevin
Just type in BGEN there are no prefixes to it. I dont subscribe to their service but it is only $10 per month I think and is good value for money at that price. You can also change the chart and add some indicators.