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Hi All
Was wondering whether of you guys use the TICK indicator and how good/useful have you found it to be in making trades.
What is a good package which uses this indicator? I want to be able to look at UK and US stocks..

Thanks :)


Hi bottomdollar,

The TICK is a very short term indicator that is probably only useful in extremes. If it goes +/-1,000 then it is likely that in the next few seconds the market will reverse (but maybe only slightly and only for a few seconds). I sometimes look at the trend to see if there is more buying/selling action or less, but it usually only tells me what I can already see in the price and volume.

You can get it from free sites like Quote.com

or Yahoo

...or you'll find it with most pay packages as something like $TICK

There are lots of other market statistics available. eSignal provide a good list of market statistics here...
http://www.esignalcentral.com/support/symbol/esigind_entry.asp#most requested

I use this site to get a handle on these kinds of stats...



p.s. these statistics are only relevant to the US market. I don't believe we can get anything similar for UK or European markets (though I'd be happy for someone to correct me).
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