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Sorry if I appear to be being pedantic, but my thread "Fins rolling shares confusion" was closed after Mooms post which he hoped "cleared everything up". This implied therefore I was wrong in my initial assertion that Fins marketing was contradicting itself.

Mooms, I'm well aware of overnight financing charges, but this is nothing to do with the extra spread of 0.2%. Certainly not the way Fins have worded it on their website. And this is what I'm talking about. The difference between what they say, and reality.

Yes, they imply in their example that this is what the extra spread is for - but what if I don't hold overnight? The point is, a financing charge is exactly that, a charge added to the transaction. However, the extra spread is something completely different - as soon as I open a position, I'm incurring the cost of the extra spread, even if I close the position five minutes later, never mind holding overnight.
I hope that clears that up.
Well thats a different matter Trender.

I have to be honest I trade with CMC. I was trading LLOYDs and doing very well at trading it. Only last week they changed there spread from 0.25p to 0.5p thats 0.0005%, Now I dont trade it and moved to trade the PRU with a spread of 1p.

The point being is that if your not happy do something about it as in this game you have to have a positive attude.
The point being before anyone posts and tells me that PRU's spread is worst than LLOYD.

My mind is now tuned into trading PRU instead of something like the increase in spread charges upsetting me as if I traded LLOYds I would only blame the increased spread if the trade went against me.

You need to address the 0.25% issue or you will fail at trading if its on back of your mind.
????????? :confused:

You need to address the 0.25% issue or you will fail at trading if its on back of your mind.

Mooms, I think you're making certain assumptions about me :D lol