The Ultimate Secret


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Finally, after years of research, the formula for successful trading has been cracked. A few simple steps:
1. Do the opposite trade to the one you are tempted to do. Thinking about going long? Short the market.
2. Live in a house without central heating. Preferably move to Norway and live in a house without central heating. That way when you are tempted to trade you can instead pull a few notes out of your wallet and burn them instead. The effect on your bank balance will be the same, but at least you will enjoy the temporary pleasure of warmth.
3. Train a dog to close your losing positions. Dogs are trained to help the blind, and that is what most people who trade are.
4. Trade with a bottle of Jack Daniels to hand. The decisions you make whilst drunk will be about as good as those you make whilst sober, and you will have the added benefit of fnot gwiving a frig if ve markets turn againsht you.
I jest, but these rules would have helped me during my first few months of trading. My week has been pretty good actually.


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Steps 1 and 4 really are the key. I intend to apply the ultimate secert principals straight away.

Thanks Jonback200


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As a postcript to my post, I think a good analogy/metaphor for trading is that you need to treat the markets like women. Treat them mean/don't be too bothered/and let them chase you. Losing position (bad date) - get the hell out of there. Be too keen (chase the market) - waste of time. Over trade (phone her too many times) - you'll get no reward. I think trading when you're putting significant amounts of cash on the line is the best kind of psychoanalysis available. You'll discover what kind of person you are very quickly.


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Point 1 seems like a joke but it actually a very good albeit hard way to make good money in this game.

I've always found that in my trading when I rush into things I get bad results and these are just the sort of trades that should be done in reverse. The trick is (and this is the hard part) to continue thinking this way (that the trades will make you money) and then suddenly realise that you should do the opposite. Rather than look for trades that you'll know you're going to do the opposite.

If that makes sense!


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Nice one Jonback.

Swiss Tony:

Aaah yes, the markets are like making love to a fine woman! First you carefully select a healthy specimen to bear the fruits of your efforts, then you carefully caress and time your entry. You get excited and perhaps a little nervous if of little experience. You try to manage your position for the best possible comfort. You tease and tickle her, yet know she is giving you the sign she wants to add another position. But can you afford to? Do you have the stamina? Eventually, it's time to make your exit. You know you've done all you can. Should you get the hell out and run or make a slow gradual exit? Obviously you want to withdraw with the minimum mess and fuss as possible. But then you realise! OH NO! I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY I FORGOT ABOUT THE DAMN COMMISSION! I GOT TO PAY FOR THIS!
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