The Naked EVIL of Trading


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Just in case anyone is interested. Just to show that I am not a complete Bling goon.

Start with a weekly chart draw classic support and resistance lines get a daily chart work back to the left until you find a zone where the price drops suddenly bases then accelerates up this indicates an area of buyer seller imbalance find the extreme low of that base and draw horizontal lines extending to the right at the high and low of that daily candle which indicates the price range in control hence a high probability turning point when the price revisits that area consider factors how fast was the previous move what the reward to risk ratio is the weekly and daily candles line up, the first retracement back to that area how long the price spent at that area speed how it arrived at that area have your rifle in your shoulder ready to take the shot consider fundamentals consider your protection support team take off the safety catch consider your entry rules follow your rules your CCI, EMA,Stochastics, MACD ATR RSI Bollingers Keltners stops and targets in place
THEN and ONLY then

You have squeezed the trigger, only you now have to live with the consequences of your cold hearted unemotional methodical actions.

All those nice guys you met at the Expo, all those nice looking birds flashing their bits at you, those loverly people who ring you up offering you unbounded wealth, even that nice psychologist who gave you tips on how to think positively or how to control your wife when she finds out just what you have done and hence sees you as a cold hearted *******. None of them are there to comfort you.
Make no mistake my son, you cannot turn the clock back, you are blooded as a trader. It doesn’t matter how often you trade you are now forever looking over your shoulder to make sure nobody is going to get you in their sights and squeeze the trigger on you.


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