The market....moves


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My Phase and macd osc EDS gave 3 buys and only 51 sells today....a far cry from a few days ago with 1900 sells.....a significant improvement.
This EDS tests for a reversal peak in phase and macd oscillator, indicating price turn arounds...
Martin, if you had the sell signal of 1900 a few days ago, no wonder your only getting a few now. Obviously they are all still heading south. Ah well look for the reversals at the bottom and lets hope we can all make a few quid. But for now pays to sit on your hands.

Have a good weekend all you folks going to the big city.

Perhaps you misunderstood (and others)...I only use this to indicate "sentiment" on the day.
Obviously, once stocks have turned over to the downside, they wont turn again untill they've done a retrace,at which point they will be dectected as turning to the upside....
And yes, they're probably all still heading south :(