The increase in business confidence in Australia recorded 10 years high - hpc


The survey of non-governmental organizations show Australia business confidence rose to a record of 10 years high. Because of central bank cut interest rate within 14 months, plus members of the U.S. Congress reached an agreement on the Budget.
According to the report of the National Australia Bank interviewers from January 9 to 15 days of more than 500 enterprises, the confidence index rose from minus 9 to 3 on December last year, write down the largest increase since October 2001.
With the exchange rate continued to climb and mess the economic, Reserve Bank of Australia president Stevens and Council officials cut the benchmark interest rate to 3% last month, the same level o with April to October 2009, create a record low since 1960. Members of the U.S. Congress in early January through measures to cut public spending and avoid tax increases had free United States from relapsing into recession.