the dixons group


i know that, currys, dixons, pc world, and the link is own by the dixons group. the group is a public limited company trading on the london stock exchange. i did a search for "the link stores limited" via companies house hoping it would refer me to the dixons group name. however it come up as the link stores limited quoting it as a private limited company and not a public limited company. i am a little confused why the search gave me this result, can anyone explain, thanks in advance.
hi, the most likely reason for it saying private limited company, is that it is just that, but the share holders are simply the Dixons group. put another way The link is a wholely owned subsidury of Dixons. ( i think.) bit like what Wal-Mart is to ASDA. Asda is a LTD company but still owned by a PLC, Wal-mart.

hope that clears that up.