The Brimardon System

Aug 29, 2014
Tell ya what I'll do for ya caramac, let's have a bit of fun. You pick 3 races tomorrow/Saturday, non-handicap 8-10 runners and I'll have a shot at picking the 1-2-3 for each of the races. Anyone can join in and have a go if they like. Bit like a sweepstake, but with no stakes nor prizes.
Jan 18, 2016
Way back in the 80's I read about and used a slowly but surely system to make racing pay, Known as regulated staking, It worked well with one winner in every 5 or 6, The biggest problem is finding the one in 5 or 6, My £200 gambling bank doubled in an 8 week period, I then lost the whole of the £400 one weekend with a run of 12 loser's. As 8 weeks is approximately a 6th of a year It's not rocket science to multiply £200 by 2, 6 times and arrive at £12800. It seems to me that all tipsters are very good at talking the talk, But finding one who can walk the walk is another matter, From the comments above it sounds to me that Brimardon are one to be ruled out, Any comments, Observation's, Or advice would be much appreciated., Coventry Tim.
Nov 16, 2018
total con

i see the mighty brimardon system has gone up the wall .. no sighn of it anywhere but im sure come time they will just change the name hae presto a new system on the go that picks thousands of winners lol.. wonder what happend to all there clients cash who have paid a subscription... can anyone enlighten me (n)