Teen Makes 17.5 million


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Snip taken from the sun :

It was then in January dad Peter, 47, stepped in, giving him £2000 to invest.

‘After three weeks that £2000 had grown to £23,000 and within four weeks it was £50,000. Two weeks after that I made six million on some hedge funds and within three months the profit on my dad’s investment was nine million.’

It was quite believable up to the 50k mark then, 6 mil on some hedge funds ? in 2 weeks ? :whistling :LOL: :LOL:


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Like totally possible dude but unlikely in this case. now sea king investers n traydin ovvus thunds givs me the shatzngiggles when i see dat wiv 1 of dese stories


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if you know how to trade, then this is possible, a 33 year old Japanese man who made 100,000,000,000 yen from stock market.
(Check around the 2 min mark)


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To take 2k to 17.5 million would require risking enormous percentage points on each trade. He said, and I quote, “Not anyone can do what I do, it’s complex and hard. It took a month and a half of setting up.”. This is for a guy who was apparently bullied for needing learning support so it isn't a case of being a genius. Something is suspicious here but then again it could be an impressive string of luck mixed with stupidity. Perhaps if you tried enough 2000k goes risking everything every time you might hit a string of winners that would enable something along these lines to happen. It isn't the first cade of someone bull5hitting with a teenager in the US claiming astounding results also but it was all a lie


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Not that it matters, but the pic of him in front of the Ferrari. Look at the number plate. Now look at this http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=1234059&d=12170.15251

Kinell, if 2+2= 4 here then I'm leaving my money with Alex Hope and not transferring it to the new wazkidz account. Cheers Forker that's shattered my dreams of turning 2k to 17.5 kinmillyan sheets, Happy new fuggin year to you too.



Oh **** I wondered why he wasn't taking my calls

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Soo...how exactly did he make this money? The article is very vague. He must have leveraged himself like crazy if this is real
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