Technical Indicators


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Out of all the Technical Indicators which ones are predictive or
the most predictive.

Any Help and advice

In general terms, I think you should consider that none of them are predictive, and most of then lag the action.

The directional indicator I suggest has a reasonable record.

useful as entry mechanisms perhaps but after that ..........

(that's just one view)
A tricky (trick?) question but here's something for the pot.

Stochastic oscillator is more predictive than MA/price or MA/MA cross-overs, by usually giving earlier signal, but gives fewer signals per year. Stochastic signals during a strong trend peter out or become meaningless. MA-based signals in a range are late and unrelaible.
The best indicator is the indicator that the other indicators get their indications from.

From the other boards I visit, it would appear from other traders' comments that this particular indicator is becoming rather prevalant lately.

Perhaps this is an indication of things to come?? :cheesy: :cheesy: