Technical analysis on TAD and GIM


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I haven't read through the entire thread so apologies if you already know this.

TAD had an evening star candle pattern complete on the 5th February confirming the TA above.

(I just found it today, the delay was due to me not the speed of my cpu).

No advice intended.
Mmh, I do not see it, to be honest, does anyone else see this? At the end of the 30th we had a bearish engulfment, but I would not even consider this, since there was no prior trend. Normally candlesticks patterns work AFTER a trend, they are meaningless in sideways activity, as it was on TAD from 19th Jan. Comments welcome. I have a strong cold and do not feel quite right!
Candlestick Pattern

Looking at my chart I see the following pattern:

29/1 Doji Star
30/1 Falling Window
31/1 Gravestone Doji
01/2 Falling Window
05/2 Falling Window at the end of the fall

This does not form a Evening Star pattern as this requires a small real body at the peak, whereas in this case there was none, and as the peak was a Doji Star it therefore became a Evening Doji Star. It does, however, signify a reversal of a trend, but the question is was there a trend in place, or was it moving sideways, as Charty suggests.

Well thats the way I see it


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