Technical Analysis on Marconi - MONI by Charty

What is your current view on MONI? Is the tide starting to turn or am I over optimistic?


There's a doji on the candlestick today signifying a reversal, but NAS finished up so it may buck the reversal...
It's had 2 days above downtrend resisistance, so we'll have to wait and see...a close tomorrow above 512 would be significant. A close below 490 and we're back inside the downtrend so finely ballanced.

Madog, i would have liked to reply earlier. Still, as of today, I see MONI in the same long term downtrend I probably referred to earlier.
Charty and Chartman

Thanks very much for your comments.

I took your 'advice' Chartman and waited to see what happened. As a result I did not buy even though I wanted to.


Madog is very much about self-discipline..easier to say than to achive, at least for myself!