TC2000 Companion


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Anyone who uses TC2000 for swing trading, and who has learned how to write basic PCF's to screen for promising setups should have a look at this:-

Not only does it include indicators not included in TC2000 like ADX and Bollinger bands, it also enables PCF's to be backtested. So for instance you could write a breakout PCF, specify entry the following day if price exceeds the previous day high by $0.05, and exit on a trailing stoploss of $0.25, or $0.05 below the previous days low, or after a gain of 10% or at the close after 5 days. You can then backtest this over any time period you like against any watchlist you like , - S&P500, or group that you have put together yourself that meet some other criteria. The results are then dropped into a report in Excel.

I've just downloaded for a 30 day free trial and I suggest that any user of TC2000 does likewise!
That's a great link RogerM - thanks!

I shall wait for the new version of TC2000 which is due out any week now, which appears to have a lot of new bells and whistles (about time too!). I also struggle with writing the PCFs, so I just flip though on a basic search criteria and look at the patterns on the charts for selecting stocks.

Perhaps you would post how you get on with the trial?