TAPS forex trading system


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My thoughts exactly, was going to try it out for 10 days (which isnt nearly enough to decide if it is any good), but the $99 indicates that it isn't as good as they claim and want to get some cash out of you because you probably won't subscribe.

Im not 100% convinced by there website www.tapsep.com
would be interesting to hear from some who has used them.


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oh my god its another of these sites.

have you read the disclaimer??

"reflects the maximum move possible from our entry point during the days trading" (note the crap punctuation)

also.. "trades exit the trade from the given entry point using their own exit strategies"

oh give me strength. let me have a go at this.

hmm, let me think. ok here goes. buy Cable whenever it falls 150 points. after all its bound to bounce at sometime, and on my website i can put it down as a profitable trade when i subtract the very highest point of the bounce from my "optimised entry point"

these sort of sites really do irritate me sometimes.


hear me roar



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Most systems fail when it comes to telling you when to exit the trade. Wonder how many people have brought this system??
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