Taking your trading record to a proprietary trading house????


Hi Everybody,

I'm new to T2W but have been trading remotely for about a year now with mixed results. I work between 8am and 2pm in recruitment and then get home in time for the U.S. markets to open. I switched from equities to options in October and have found that my results have improved dramatically. I trade calenders, diagonals, iron condors, butterflies, verticals etc. and will get back to trading the OEX weeklys more frequently when market conditions dictate.

I have been told by various sources that many prop shops take on traders with good trading records, and actually spoke to someone in January who had got into a London firm on this basis. I didn't think at the time to ask him what his trading record was!!!

I know that this is an extremely broad question but do people know what kind of monthly or annual percentage would be considered good enough to be taken on? Or what sort of percentages that the established traders would expect to be making. I made 20% in January using pretty low risk strategies and reckon that I could increase this when I start trading the weeklys again.

All constructive comments welcome (sorry again about the broad nature of the question)