T2W V6 RIP (2011-18)


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Before making the switch to the new site, I took the opportunity to take a bunch of screenshots of the old one. So in the honour of good old fashioned reminiscing, and before I forget to post them, here's a trip down memory lane...

pageshot of 'Trade2Win' @ 2018-12-01-0834'07.png pageshot of 'Trade2Win Forums' @ 2018-12-01-0834'57.png pageshot of 'Trading Articles Trade2Win' @ 2018-12-01-0835'23.png pageshot of 'Trading Reviews Trade2Win' @ 2018-12-01-0835'47.png pageshot of 'Trading FAQs' @ 2018-12-01-0836'05.png pageshot of 'General Trading Chat' @ 2018-12-01-0836'46.png pageshot of 'Awareness is Vitally Important to Trading But Why_' @ 2018-12-01-0838'16.png pageshot of 'Main Page - Traderpedia' @ 2018-12-01-0838'58.png

(ps. you'll notice the chrome extension I used to stitch together a full screen snap, didn't quite do its job - hence overlapping sections and repeating ads)


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To get the full picture (literally) of where we came from, to where we are today, check out our Facebook album displaying the Changing Faces of Trade2Win over the last 17 years...


Far better if you posted FORUM stats for the 20 years of operation so we can graph T2W's true and only valid performance - the TREND = uptrend, reversal or downtrend or sideways ......... Everything else is for softies and Mummy's boys and asinine, hovine, bovine cats

Why? Remember the Company, ENRON? Loads of nice pictures like yours, everything rosy and hunky dory and lovely. then the sh*thouse collapsed without apparent warning and many Analysts were saying to buy all the way to the bottom. Killed more people than the Iraq War.

FORUM stats with Fibo in charge would have saved the millions of retards who got slaughtered.

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