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That's right, when you register you get to choose what mailings to receive, there are various different types:

1) T2W Admin email - these are infrequently sent, and only refer to important website announcements, like the MCA awards, or maybe a new site feature. So don't unsubscribe from this and expect not to receive the partner email below.
2) Partner emails - we send a max of 2 a week, these are the ones that
3) Newsletter emails - we try and send one a month of these, about whats going on, on the site
4) Store emails - we send up to 3 a month of these, highlighting new products and special offers in the store.
5) Finally you can choose to allow other members to email you through the site, they won't know your email address but you'll receive their message as an email in your inbox.

You can then unsubscribe from any mailing just by clicking the link at the bottom of the mail.

I've been thinking for some time we need to improve the system, because at the moment if you unsubscribe you can't then resubscribe - and also if you want to unsubscribe from all mailings instead of just one then currently there is no simple way.


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Hi folks.

OK, hands up, I'm responsible for every single partner email and advert on the site.

First off, none of this stuff is unsolicited. If you dont want it, on every email sent out there is an unsubscribe option. That will remove you from further mailings immediately. If it doesn't you can certainly PM Sharky, EK1 or myself and we will manually remove you from the DB.

Second, yes I have of late sent out a couple that may be a bit borderline compared to what is usually sent. It's not a matter of just wanting the cash, to be frank it's called being overworked. I shall try not to p*** you all of further in future.

Third, we send out two emails a week (except for the weeks on which I screw up and have to send a mailing twice - thankfully that only happens once or twice a year) and no more. This will not change. I also try and leave at least one day between mailings so that it doesn't become annoying. Most of the time I'm successful with that, maybe a couple of times a year mailings are sent on subsequent days.

The advertising is here to stay though, because the overheads of the site are pretty horrific and we do have to make a living somehow. In general, most of what is received should be of good quality and from reputable organisations (in fact they are all reputable organisations, regardless of how they put their message across). Believe it or not, I actually turn down a lot of crap that we could sell at XXX amount but we don't because it is truly ****e. Certain advertisers, regardless of content, will never advertise here.

I also try not to send stuff that isn't related to trading/finance etc. In fact I'm pretty confident that in the last 5 years of doing this, I haven't sent out anything for Viagra, Cialis, Fake Rolexes or anything like that :)

However, as I have said many times on the boards I am always open to hearing people's opinions about the advertising, but as I'm so frikkin busy I really don't visit the boards very often, and I don't have a thing to do with moderation anymore. If you want to bring something to my attention, the very best way is via PM or email me at [email protected]

Now, I'm sitting down, so the onslaught can begin.
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Those numbers are insane. That truly is spam of the worst kind.

Oh well - I'll stop banging my head against the brick wall now.

Sun Tzu - fight the battles you can win.

Its a high figure because of the alerts that get switched on when you're a mod, reported posts, new post /thread, etc and not due to the t2w email offers.

Now if everyone behaved themselves, I would get less mail :D


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TBH I don't mind the odd bit of spam if I get to access T2W FOC.


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Hey GJ, I asked rossored to comment on that - as he deals with it, see his earlier post. As for him getting that email so soon after registering, it just happened then he registered and requested partner emails just before we were due to send that particular mailing out. The mailings aren't based on when you register, but merely the mailing goes out on a particular day to all those who are subscribed. Hope that clears that up!


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Sorry Matt - posts crossed there a bit.

Like I said (and I seem to be chief protagonist today) I know that advertising is a necessary evil to support the running of the site. I don't think many people would disagree with that.

My comment was purely about the quality of the content. And I also think not many people would disagree when I say that the mail that started this all off was low grade spam - pure and simple.

But as I don't subscribe to this stuff (and I'm certainly not about to start now) I have to hold my hands up and say that I can't say that everything is [email protected] that gets sent out.

But I tell you what - I bet any money it's not great either - you know why? because most of this stuff simply isn't. It's just the way of things. I bet you any money if I subscribed for a year and read through every single one of these partner offers there wouldn't be one single one in there I'd want to explore further.

Completely happy to be proved wrong on this btw - and those that know me know that if that's the case there would be a public apology to Matt on the site.


No probs. I am unable to comment really on any particular mailing, but I will say (as I said in the first reply) that there are one or two lately that with hindsight I would not send again. This is partly due to be overworked and partly due to it being a bit difficult to unwind some contracts at short notice.

A lot of what is sent is promotional content from a lot of the spreadbetting companies as you would expect. Certain parts of the world get different emails sent because not everyone wants to target the UK, so members in the US/Canada/Australia etc get different offerings. A week or two ago there was a mail sent to the US which I found very interesting and it had an excellent response. So, I reckon that would have interested you, but it's not a valid argument to you, because you won't have seen it ;)

One of the biggest problems surrounding what is sent is that a lot of the smaller companies who do have smaller budgets simply can't afford us, and unless I get two people in the same week who only have a relatively small budget, I can't split the list and send to half of it for half the price - that's just bad business, because what do I do with the other half? It's wasted. You wouldn't sell half a Mars bar for half the price would you? If I can find a way round that then you'll probably start to see ads from a much wider range of clients.


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Commenting on Rosser's post, I'd have thought that it was obvious that nothing on the net is free. The price is advertising or "press the button, send $99 and receive our newsletter".

None of this bothers me because I don't read any of it, anyway. Ticking the delete box on my email takes a bit of time, but I do it in reverse i.e. tick the lot and then scan down, unticking what I want to read. That's a bit quicker,but I must admit that it takes time because, not only do we get the
T2W official bumf but, when we post, every Tom, Dick and Harry's subsequent posting comes into our email---including this one, since I have now subscribed to it.



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:LOL: ah Split you're on form this morning, sorry I don't have the grumpy old gits pic to hand again to illustrate, we'll have to have a nice chat over the weekend :D

Yes, I get them all, I don't read them, no time to look, my email inbox has 7191 T2W messages, my pm message box is at 2400 odd :(

Having looked at the one highlighted in this thread I agree with you GJ, it is a very spammy style of mail, quite awful really, who is responsible for letting that out I couldn't tell you, would anyone admit to it, I doubt that :)

Hi Don,

Big toe's playing me up again. It's either the weather or I shall have to go easy on the port.



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SPAM is an ugly cancer which pervades the entire Internet. There seems to be nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide from the stuff. I often ask myself, 'Does anyone ever actually read and reply or act on any of the drivel that pours into their emailboxes daily?' And I have to assume that the answer to that question must be a 'yes', otherwise why the hell would these irritating individuals continue to do it? Needless to say, I delete everything, unread, immediately.

If I didn't, it's quite possible that by now I would have a pen1s the size of a tower block, be capable of bringing dozens of women to multiple screaming orgasms simply by smiling at them, and be the happy benefactor of untold wealth left to me by rich Nigerians. Sadly none of these are the case (except for the pen1s)

As I said in my first post, I like this site, and expect to be able to benefit greatly from the wealth of knowledge and experience available here. Maybe one day I'll be in a position to likewise help newbies like myself. The SPAM I received was a bit of a downer, I'll admit, but I seem to have sorted that now, so looking forward to a SPAM-free experience from T2W in the future.

What I am sorry about though, is that my very first post on the site came across as a whingeing rant. That's certainly NOT the way I wanted to make my entrance here. So, thanks to all the kind advice, and also a nod and wink to those that made less than helpful comments. That's OK. I have broad shoulders, and a well developed sense of humour. So, no probs.



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..... I must admit that it takes time because, not only do we get the T2W official bumf but, when we post, every Tom, Dick and Harry's subsequent posting comes into our email---including this one, since I have now subscribed to it.


I have to agree that this feature is really quite annoying, and probably why I'll inevitably stop using the site, if the content where OK, it might just be worth tolerating, but sadly these days you know that you'll regret reading most posts.

There also seams to be real problems with the underlying technology, for example, you can repeatedly unsubscribe from a thread that you havent posted in for months, only to have it pop back up on the list (probably due to a dodgy back up and restore procedure overwriting user preferences). The sites so slow in comparison to say elite trader that its like wading through treacle, preventing a constant flow of sewage takes up far too much time.

It is difficult at times to differentiate between "legitimate advertisers" and pure spam, but I guess that s the nature of the business. I guess I should simply set up a rule to delete all incoming email from T2W (or stop using the site), but it kind of defeats the purpose of the site having technology that allows users choice if it does not work !
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