T2W Nasdaq Trading seminar - can't be true can it?


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Just got an e mail re Nasdaq trading seminar to be given by someone called Alan Rich.

Does anyone know whether he changed his name to that ? :)

"It does exactly what it says on the tin " :D
Born to be a trader, no doubt!

In fact the Nasdaq seminar, Trade2Win members qualify for an extra discount on the regular price. More details here: http://www.clickevents.co.uk/trading-seminar-t2w.htm

Of course if you'd prefer not to receive partner offer email you can always change your profile settings here:


Change Receive Partner Offer Emails from "Yes" to "No"

But if you do so, you'll miss out on some freebies - we've lined up free IX Expo tickets & Traders' magazines for T2W members - emails to be sent out shortly. And of course partner offers also help support the running of the site.