System trading for futures...made very simple!

I recently saw a product called xxxx xxxx,


This company provides a direct link to all the major exchange traded derivatives through one of the recognised ISV's. (pats)

Big Deal - i hear you say

Well here is the clever part, they will take any system for trading that you might currently employ and then, for a reasonable fee, will convert this into a program that transacts directly with the ISV's exchange interfaces for total automation.

They will also optimise and backtest any sytem that you have to produce the program that best fits your trading style.

It does, however, require you to open a trading account with one of their recognised brokers that house the strategy runner servers.

Take a look yourselves



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FTSE beater,

What feeds do you get from IB?

DO you trade US and Eurexx50 and FTSE? what are u paying per month?

If u trade US , did you have to sign US tax forms?

sorry to bombard u with questions but I am scaling the steep learning curve at the moment!!!


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is it me or does the ADVFN streaming 1 minute FTSE candlestick have a mind of its own?!?!?!?

FTSE Beater

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Hi Skim

Yeah I thought the only way to beat an advert is to post a link for a "rival" package that is both free and easy to use - with great back-up support :D


Sales and Advertising department.

Hi DanielLambert.

I'm probably not the best person to ask, but hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

What feeds do you get from IB?
I get the Eurostoxx50 feed for $8 a month
I also get ACE free which covers these
Not sure what you pay for the FTSE
If u trade US , did you have to sign US tax forms?
Yes, you have to fill in the US tax forms. If your living in the UK, there is only one that you need to fill in - can't remember which one it is now.
sorry to bombard u with questions but I am scaling the steep learning curve at the moment!!!
Bombard away - We all have to start somewhere, and IB is an absolute terror to get to grips with.

If your going to be trading US stocks, then IB won't do back-data, which means you have to have your computer constantly running the IB software. I would recommend you use for any US share trading.
You will still have to pay the $10 to IB (which you get back if your commissions are greater than $30 a month).

HTH :)

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TraderPattern said:
Just a quick query. The first post on this thread is blatant marketing. Why has this thread not yet been killed?

Good Question TraderPattern


That's the one - I knew it was a blokes name beginning with B - I thought Bob though :eek:
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