System process's

Newtron Bomb

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Hi folks

Does anyone know where i can find what all the system process's are?

Also i would like to know where to find out what the system start up programs are and what they do and if i need them to be running.

Thanks in advance

thanks oatman... ive been looking in msconfig and what i was wondering was what process's do what as i dont recognise some of teh file names and paths

Win 98/ME - do start/run/ type MSCONFIG. This will display your startup files, win ini, system ini, autoexec.bat and config.bat. You cant get at system resources without something like SySoftSandra software add on. The start up files are where you can see if you have a virus, sometimes, also in WIN.INI.

Win XP/2000 press ctrl/alt/del.
There is no start up folder as such
do start/run type cmd
then type winmsd

loads of system informatio. :)
use /f after winmsd to print the information to a text file....
under software environment you will find a list of startup programs.