Swing when your winning

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Nov 28, 2003
Hey there, just as i do every month or so. I'm gonna post some views about what been interesting for me in the current UK stock market. Firstly i'm used to hearing reports on the doom and gloom thats always round the corner, and look where the FTSE100 is now! Most of these opinions where stating that 4900 would be the ceiling, i hardly noticed it on the chart it breezed through it so quickly. But maybe that i'll come back to haunt me during the next retracement. For me, the last few months of trading has been successful. Only exiting 3 of the last 12 trades for a loss.(private message me for my excel log if you like) Which means i'm ever more careful with every trade that i put on. Heres a stock that i noticed and one that i'm watching very closely. SAB. My trades last from a week up to month, So position/swing is probably the right place to pigeon hole my style. Any comments PM or reply



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May 6, 2003

mmm, SAB's been a good one on the way up. I'm short atm (only half position since against the market) but a close above 822 will take me out.

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Apr 9, 2003

Presume from looking at those charts you've provided you're planning to go long SAB - have you taken a position yet?

Analysing the weekly chart looks bullish, having just bounced up from a trend line which began back in August '04. But, it printed a doji today, which can indicate uncertainty - a pause for breath perhaps - I'm currently long so I hope so! Be interested in your thoughts...