Surebeam(SURE) another anthrax play.


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Any Nasdaq players today looking at the largest gainers will undoubtably have seen SURE.Alerted to me at the open by another trader on the phone. I found its play today remarkable.Up 45 % on the day.It still seems if you can get a handle on the latest anthrax news and pick the right stock youre flying.Just trade it on a level 2 screen with direct access and good stops.These type of stocks can move either way FAST.

This was some of the news on it.

Surebeam, another run up after white house spokesman said that the US Postal service would irradiate mail to combat the anthrax threat.

Surebeam running on continued speculation that its technology for killing bacteria in food might also be applied to the mail.

Momentum players latch on to Surebeam after the postal service said that the agency will spend "whatever it takes" to make the mail clean.Sector also benefiting from USA Today article on the issue:notes that private companies are looking to solve the problem with ideas such as applying the same technology used in the cleansing of meat.Also being picked up is Surebeam parent Titan Corp(TTN)
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Thanks for posting this - I can't add anything about the co., but I bought some Biotrace(UK) a few days ago after seeing their anthrax detection equipment on CNN and my further research.
Nice triangle after a steep rise suggests more to come technically.

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Latest news on Surebeam

Live Headline
18:34 ET Titan Corp (TTN) 27.00 +1.21: -- Update -- Company announces that the US Postal Service has contracted to buy eight electron beam systems for roughly $40 mln, with an option to expand the initial purchase to an additional 12 systems. TTN will subcontract with its subsidiary SureBeam (SURE 13.25 +0.55) to provide the systems, which will be used to sanitize mail to eliminate the threat of anthrax.
Surebeam up 25% premarket on that news i posted about a contact from the US postal service.
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SURE just had a mention on CNBC before the market opened.So if any daytraders didnt know about it they sure do now.
SUREbeam bonafide SHORT here

Read the following report:

For those of you in the US, A@P has a huge following, and should crush this scam, as he did recently with VLPI. Just a warning for those long, don't be surprised to see this drop quickly over next few days. It was trading over $15/share when report went out at 3:30 PM. Now at 14.45 in AH. And expect to open lower. Take profits IMO.

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The great thing about being a daytrader is that you aren't an investor.All you are looking for is momentum which ever way it is.(long or short).So if you get plays like SURE which are mentioned by the press it attracts attention and hence it is taken to extremes.At some point realisation comes in and we go to another extreme, fueled by fear and greed.

Anthrax plays can go up and down 50% in a day.The trick is to jump on the train as it leaves the station.Ride it for as long as you can and jump off banking your profits.Not buy a season ticket.

The other thing is to feel the personality of the stock.Yesterday i followed that stock at intervsals all day on level 2 scalping here and there.

But the thing is i know how that stock feels.How it feels pre market,how it behaves on tv news, who the players were, what its personality is,how it reacts to greed coming in,how it gets frightened.How it was trading against the indices etc etc.

I also like to look and see how island players are spoofing the stock.who they are, how much bottle they've got.How the individuals play their game.How it plays at round numbers and how it plays just under a round number.How the Ecn's play it at round numbers.I also like to see how the island book reacts if it gets a bit of momentum and what the spoofers do.Sometimes i like to hit a spoofer and see how he reacts,to gauge his personality.I like to try and hit him with an odd number of shares and see his reaction.If he's been hit with an odd number of shares it makes it easier for me to follow his play.Sometimes i if i'm bored i like to realy annoy the major spoofer and hound him off the screen.All this is information as well as having a bit of fun.but......

When that stock makes its next move i'll be able to switch into that stock and know it like a friend, be able to trade the level 2 screen like it was my bed partner and take advantage of its momentum.

Do i care which way it goes.I couldnt give a damm.All i hope is that fear and greed take it to extremes and i'll jump on that train.
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