Sunday Times Kav and Urbanek

This week Kavanagh tips LEX as a buy.

From a technical point of view I can't fault this tip - maybe a little overbought but there is a nice strong upward trend!

Well done Kavanagh.

No sign of Johnny Urbanwreck this week. Perhaps he really is going to give it all up.

Could be a good contrarian indicator?
Did'nt Jonny Urbanwreck say last week that he was off on his Easter hols? He's probably tanning himself and knocking back the pinacoladas, insulated from the carnage that is his investment portfolio. A thought. With his luck there may a market bounce this week, followed by free fall just as he touches down on his return to Luton. If I were him, spend what's left on the pinacoladas and get a summer job hiring out deck chairs. Much less stress mate.
Yes - interesting tip this.
Good uptrend as you say, it has also made a new high dating back to Oct. 99 and appears to have broken thru a support/resistance at ~485 which was first seen March 98.
RSI has made a new high, which could suggest support of a breakout.

As for JU - sorry if he does go as this is the highlight of my Sunday.

Yes I always look forward to reading it though I don't know why. I don't like to see people lose and so I guess I just hope that he might begin to see the light.

Apart from LEX I've turned up some other interesting ideas (no they are not old KAV tips I use TA honest).


Opinions welcome.
TPT looks good with a target of 370.
AMEC and EMG are trading towards resistance..
thanks Chartman.
TPT was my favorite too; I chose it for the competition.

I'll be watching EMG and AMEC carefully in case they can breakout. However they both gapped up recently and I'm not sure about the participation of the smart money on these - especially EMG. They might be showing signs of exhaustion.
That's my feeling on those too, Darth.If breakouts are to happen, they must be with increased volume to go with it.
Darth, have to be a contrarian on your trio.........all look overbought and due for reversal.